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Welcome to the Blood Fury website!!
We a Horde raiding/social guild on the realm Terenas (EU).

Currently, we are working on raiding in CATACLYSM. With our success in downing the Lich King in Wrath, we will be aiming again for end-game raiding in Cata. We have a 10MAN TEAM and could possibly formulate a second 10man team (or a 25man team) if there is enough skilled and geared members.

We raid: MONDAY's WEDNESDAY's & THURDAY'S; 19:30-22:30 server time. Weekly, achievement or 'fun' runs are org   anised on other evenings depending on member's interest and availablility.

What are we looking for in raiders?? Raiders sign up for raids on the WEBSITE and have VENTILO functioning. They also LISTEN to raid leaders, LEARN tactics before and during the fight, and are PATIENT and RELIABLE.

Our guild master is Rilen. Assistant guild masters are Hobs and Galvon. Raid leaders are BØhnke, Putress, Tyraeus, Rávage and Funsams. Other guild officers include; Mégadeath, Jeevés, Zirteami, Míren and Peppérmint. We are always in touch with each other, so information is passed along quickly, ensuring smooth and up-to-date running of the guild.

Please feel free to look around our website. Anyone wishing to apply just click the FORUMS tab and fill in the Guild Application Form with your character name(s), class, experience, age and where you are from. Thanks for looking!

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Other Guild News

Cataclysm Raids!!

rilen87, Mar 6, 11 11:23 AM.
So far we have downed three bosses in Blackwing Descent and one in Bastion of Twilight! Raiding is going extremely well but of course we are always looking for more people too help us progress faster and make our raiding teams stronger!! So keep your ears open for Raid Healers guys and girls!!

29th Day of November 2010: A Blood Fury Victory

Deelux, Nov 30, 10 7:55 AM.

In the last days of the tired regime, just before the dawn of even greater chaos and evil, we slayed him. The King on his Frozen Throne was dead. We had, to this moment, sought courage through the will to never give up and the stories of others successes had hardened us. Now, this private battle was finally behind us. Won, not alone by brute force and firepower but also through, tactical leadership and the dedicated bandaging of the wounded.  Sadly, standing triumphantly over the crumpled body of the King, brought with it a tinge of sorrow. We remember our missing comrades. Those who, for whatever reason, were not directly with us to taste the victory and had also shed sweat and blood to bring us to this point. But moving foward, we now know that this conquest makes the next battle easier for whenever we tread along these frozen paths again.

Class Leaders

rilen87, Nov 6, 10 8:17 AM.
There are still Class Leader positions available. Earn yourself a new rank title, Blood Council.
U'll have a say on recruits, raids and other subjects or guild related news. If you think you've got what it takes post me a personal message on the website!

Classes Available:


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

rilen87, Nov 1, 10 12:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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